Enterphone Panels

Where are they located?
An Enterphone panel is located at each of the main entry doors to the towers.

How does the system work?
– A guest scrolls through the list of names or unit numbers to find the desired unit.
– They then dial the associated code.
– The system then sends a signal to the phone jacks in that unit.
– This signal will ring any phones connected to the those phone jacks.
– The resident picks up the phone and can press “6” to provide access (buzz them in).
– The door by that panel will unlock for a set amount of time.
– The elevator control system will provide access to the unit floor for 2 minutes.

How do I add or change a name on the panel?
See the Concierge or email them the details of what you’d like the panel to read for your unit.

The maximum number of characters, including spaces, is 14. Only numbers and capital letters are allowed. i.e. A-Z and 0-9

If you’d rather not have a name listed you have the option of just having your unit number displayed or deleting your unit altogether.

Can the system dial my Cell Phone?
No. Our system is hard wired to each unit and can only ring a phone connected to a phone jack in that unit.

Do I need a phone line for the Enterphone to work?
No. As long as a phone in connected to a phone jack in your unit the system will work.

Why does my Enterphone not work?
95% of the reported Enterphone issues are caused by service provider (Novus, Shaw, Telus, etc.) techs mistakenly disconnecting the Enterphone wires for your unit. This normally happens during occupancy changes in the unit or when services, like TV, Phone or Internet, are added or removed. If this scenario fits your situation please call your current service provider and let them know that since their visit your Enterphone does not work. These instructions have been given to many residents and their Enterphone issues were corrected without Strata involvement.

The remaining 5% of the time the issue is due to the phone being used in the unit. Cordless phones with weak batteries can be an issue. The Concierge will lend you a simple phone so you can test this scenario. You’ll need someone to assist in dialing up to your unit.

The Enterphone system has never been the cause of the problem where a just single unit has an issue with the Enterphone.