Garbage Compactors

Where are they located?
The garbage compactors are located on the P1 level or each Tower. Follow the signs as you exit the elevator on P1 or ask the Concierge to show you.

When are they emptied?
Both compactors are emptied on Tuesday mornings between 5-8AM. They are taken to North Vancouver to be emptied and are gone for about 45 minutes.

Using the Compactor:
– Open the blue door.
– Toss your garbage into the compactor as far as you can so it falls down the hole.
– Close the door to activate the Compactor.
– Placing the garbage just inside the door simply leaves it for the next resident to deal with.

How can you help reduce garbage and recycling odours?
– Take you garbage down more often.
– Seal your garbage bags by tying the top closed.
– Double bag if you have especially smelly items in the bag.
– Leave some space in the bag so it does not burst when compressed.
– Kitty litter should be bagged in your unit per the instructions above.
– Do not rinse litter boxes in the compactor rooms.
– Rinse all containers before recycling. i.e. Milk Jugs or fish products.

The compactors smell the worst on Tuesdays as that’s the day they are emptied. Once the empty “Can” comes back all the smelly residue inside is exposed. Once it starts to fill up the worst of the smell is blocked behind the new garbage.

If the item you are disposing of does not easily fit through the door perhaps it should not be put in the compactor. Christmas trees are an example.