KeyScan Access Control System

What is it?
KeyScan is the manufacturer of our Access Control System that provides access to all elevators and the doors throughout Brava.

Parts of the System:
Access Devices – These include Cards, Fobs and Transmitters carried by residents.
Readers – Positioned near all doors controlled by the KeyScan system and in all elevators.
Control Software – Access Devices read at all Readers are evaluated by the KeyScan software and access is granted or denied as programmed.

How does it work?
All new Access Devices come to Brava programmed with a unique number. When purchased by a resident this unique number is added to the KeyScan software. This unique number is then assigned to the residents unit number and granted access rights as needed. No changes are made to the access device itself.

Access Rights are based on which Tower a resident lives in, which floor they live on and which Storage Room their locker is in.

What if my Access Device does not work?
Most access devices fail due to wear and tear. Cards get bent, Fobs and Transmitters get dropped. Repair of these devices is not possible. The only option is to replace the device. If this is required you can either send an email to the Concierge or visit them.