Pipe Replacement Project

Contractor – BMS Mechanical

This page will be updated with more detail as it becomes available.

Reason for Project
The reason for this project is that the recirculation pipes have worn thin from years of constant water flow and are developing pin-hole leaks at an increased rate. Each leak is costly to repair and very disruptive to the residents of the units affected by the leak.

Phase 1 – Common Areas
Started May 18, 2017

This phase will include replacing all the recirculation pipes that run vertically from the top to the bottom of both towers. This work will all be done in common areas only, including the residential hallways, and will require opening walls and potentially ceilings on every floor. The hallway work on floors A9, A19, A29, A31, A32, A33, B9, B19, B25, B26, & B27 will be much more extensive.

Phase 2 – In Suite Work
Expected to start mid-June. Rough estimate.

Unfortunately this phase will require ALL the units on floors A9, A19, A29, A31, A32, A33, B9, B19, B25, B26, & B27 to provide access. Other units may also be included once the path of the recirculation pipes has been determined.

Work in 90% of the units will take place over approximately 10 working days with many visits for each step of the project.

Some of the penthouse units have more pipes in the ceilings so the work will span approximately 14 days.

The visits will include work to open walls, rough in new pipe, swap the connection from the old pipe to the new pipe, removal of old pipe, fire stopping, getting building and plumbing inspections, insulating of pipes, drywall repair, mudding and painting.

BMS is very familiar with this kind of work and has an efficient process to make the work go as quickly as possible.

BMS has scheduled a day for visiting all the affected units, see attached BMS notice, to indicate the location where the work will take place. That area will need to be cleared to make room for the work. If you have the paint type and colour code used for your unit please have it handy as it will speed the repair of your unit.

Providing Access to Your Unit is NOT Optional
All the units listed above are required to have a key in the CMI KeyVault and sign a form granting BMS permission to use that key for access as needed. They will always knock before using the key.

Authorization to Use KeyVault Key
All units on the floors listed above must provide authorization for BMS to use your KeyVault key.

Download and complete this form and drop it off to the Concierge. If they are not at the desk fold and insert the form into the black safe on the desk.
KeyVault Authorization

Thank You
The strata council and I understand how this will impact the residents of these units and we thank you for your understanding that this project is absolutely necessary.