Power Outage

Starts: Tuesday, June 27 at 23h00
Ending: Wednesday, June 28 at 05h00

Starts: Tuesday, July 25 at 23h00
Ending: Wednesday, July 26 at 05h00

Reason for Shutdown

To allow for routine maintenance of both Brava electrical vaults as mandated by WorkSafeBC. Each vault must be cleaned every 3 years and they unfortunately cannot be cleaned on the same night.


Houle Electric

What to Expect

NO Electricity in your Unit – Our Emergency Generator will run providing power for emergency lighting, parkade access and one elevator.

NO Water in your Unit – Our Water Booster Pumps will not have power. Once the power is cut the water will begin to drain from the tower from the top down. Those living below the 9th floor will have cold water supplied by the City of Vancouver water pressure.

Only One Elevator – Running off our generator.

Hot Water will be Limited the following Morning – Since there will be no power for the boilers or pumps the hot water will begin to cool. Those showering in the early morning will likely have no hot water. Consider showering the night before.

Emergency Generator will Run for Hours – The Emergency Generator is located at the back of Tower A with the exhaust exiting into the lane. Residents with units in this area will unfortunately hear the generator and smell the exhaust. Closing all windows is suggested.

Un Plug Electrical Devices – If you feel a device may be damaged by the sudden power disconnection and reconnection please unplug it before 11PM. i.e. Computer, TV, Audio System

– Consider an alternate morning alarm.
– Store some water in advance for drinking and flushing.
– Minimize opening your Fridge and Freezer during the outage.