The Recycling Stations are located on the P1 Level of each tower near the garbage rooms.

When are the bins emptied?
The blue bins are moved to the lane behind Tower B every Monday morning and returned to P1 some time that afternoon. It would be best to avoid taking your recycling down on Mondays.

What can be recycled?
Each bin has a label showing what items are and are not acceptable. Adding items that are not acceptable negates your “green” efforts as you’ve just increased transportation/handling costs to transport and sort out unwanted items. There is also the potential of the entire bin being considered overly contaminated and sent directly to the landfill.

Be aware that the Blue Bin Recycling Program run by the City of Vancouver does not accept all the items that other recycling programs do.

Guidelines for Recycling:

Green coloured items below can be recycled at Brava. Red coloured items can NOT.

Cardboard – Place all clean cardboard in the Green Bins located near the Blue Bins. Do not use the Blue Bins as they do not have the capacity to handle cardboard. Dirty, oily, or pizza soiled cardboard should go in the garbage compactor.

Green Bin Tower A 240         Green Bin Tower B 240

Beverage Containers – If you paid a deposit for the beverage it should go in the Refundable Bin located near the Blue Container Bins. Non-Deposit bottles and jars should go in Container Bin.

Dirty Pizza Boxes – Toss in garbage as only clean cardboard is wanted in the Green Cardboard Bins.

Plastics – Only plastics with a 1, 2, 4, or 5 can go into the Container Bin. Plastics without a number or with a 3 should be tossed in the Garbage.

Toss these items in the Refundable Bin or take them to a Return-It Centre
Juice Boxes
Juice Cartons
Tetra Paks

Toss these items in the Garbage
Glass Jar Lids
Glass Bottle Caps
Plastic Bottle Caps
Plastics with the #3
Plastics without any Numbers
Paper Towels
Styrofoam – Cups to Packing Material
Plastic Bags
Waxed Paper
Tin Foil
Aluminium Foil

Take these items to a Return-It Centre or toss in the Garbage
Milk Cartons

City of Vancouver Multi-Family PDF

Return-It Centre Beverage Guide