Water Shut-off Location

Each unit has water shut-off valves for both the hot and cold water supply.

They are normally located in your front hall closet or your storage room. They can be found behind a 10″ square metal panel mounted about 18″ above the floor. You will need a screwdriver to remove this panel.

The valves may not be readily visible through the hole as they may be mounted outside of the area the hole exposes.

The Hot water pipe will be marked with Red and the Cold water pipe will be marked with Blue.

Knowing where these valves are may come in handy if you ever need to shut off the water to the unit in an Emergency. It may also be wise to leave the cover off or purchase one that is spring mounted and requires no tools to remove.

If the shut-off valves are difficult to reach through the hole it might be wise to make the hole larger so the valve can easily be reached.

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