Door Issues

This page explains how to solve a couple of unit door related issues that are common.

Door Closes Too Quickly
The Door Closers at Brava look somewhat like this:

Door Closer

At one end of the closer you`ll find two slotted adjusting screws. One of these screws adjusts the Closing Speed of the door from full open to 6 inches before fully shut. The other screw adjusts the Latching Speed which controls the speed of the final 6 inches of closing.

If your door closes too quickly turn one of these screws in one full turn which will slow down either the Close or Latch speed.  Test the door again from full open to fully closed.  Now adjust each of the screws until the speeds are where you like them. Normally the Closing Speed is fairly quick so you don’t have to wait and the Latching Speed is slower so the door does not slam loudly or on your hand.

Door Does Not Close All the Way
Often the door latch comes out of the door a ways and this prevents the latch from being pushed into the door when it hits the Latch Striker Plate mounted on the door frame.

Door Latch 001

One possible fix is to hammer the latch “holder” back into the door. This should be done gently and a tiny bit at a time. Every time you hammer it in a little test that the latch still moves freely in and out with your finger. Hammering it in to far or hard may jam it which then may require loosening off the door handle to free it up.